‘I’ve Got Relatives With ME/CFS’ – Dr Richard Medlicott’s Reason Behind Fundraising Ride




By: Natalie Akoorie in New Zealand Herald.


Richard Medlicott is not your usual GP.

The Wellington doctor, and former medical director of the New Zealand College of General Practitioners, is raising money for a chronic illness that many in the medical profession know little about.

Medlicott has set up a Givealittle page for his cause. He wants to raise $5000 from an endurance mountain bike ride in December toward educating doctors on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME/CFS.

“As a doctor you come across all kinds of illnesses and diseases and all kinds of things I could be raising money for,” Medlicott said.

“But as is often the case with these charity type things there’s often a personal connection and I’ve got relatives with ME/CFS, one particularly badly affected.”

Those relatives are anxious to find the best treatment for their stricken family member, says Medlicott, who has garnered much of his knowledge on the often misunderstood condition from them.

“Most of the stuff I’ve learned [about ME] has come not from the general medical fraternity or education for GPs, but actually through these relatives who are also close friends.

“And I’m aware of how debilitating it is for those guys, how debilitating it is for other people, how little research there is, and how little GPs know.”


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