Julie Rehmeyer: Hope And Despair In Through The Shadowlands


Julie Rehmeyer


From MEAction.


Recently, #MEAction sat down with Julie Rehmeyer to discuss her new book Through the Shadowlands, her op-ed in the New York Times with David Tuller, and next steps.

What made you embark on a project like Through the Shadowlands?

I’m a writer, and it was a big experience I was going through, having ME.  It was clear that there wasn’t a lot of information out there about this illness, so adding to that information was something I felt like I had a kind of obligation to do.   But I wasn’t sure what form it would take at first.

In 2011, I was totally out of commission.  In a way, that made writing more intimidating, but in a way it made it more urgent.  My mind was compromised, and writing about research was really hard.  I went to see Nancy Klimas and I was on the plane feeling totally terrified, because I was hoping for a miracle, and I didn’t think I was going to get it.  I was in such bad shape that just holding myself upright in the chair was nearly impossible.  And I was really, really scared.  I wrote an email to a friend about how it reminded me of how I’d felt about when my mother was dying of cancer when I was 18.


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