Karina Hansen 7: Update And Urgent Appeal

Karina Hansen


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The current situation (December 2016)

On 17 October 2016, after three and a half years of involuntary detention as a de facto psychiatric patient in a Danish clinic, Karina Hansen (pictured above left from her schooldays) finally returned to her family home from which she had been forcibly removed in February 2013.

Karina is very happy to be back at home. She and her family are gradually adjusting to their changed circumstances and trying to process everything that has happened to them. However, it is inevitable that the traumatic events of last few years have taken an enormous toll on all of them. Her long-term situation remains to be determined; she and her family are still living with great uncertainty about the future as a result of excessive state intervention in their lives (see previous post).

In my post of 26 October 2016, I mentioned that psychiatrist Per Fink (see below) and the clinic where Karina had been incarcerated since 2013 had been contacted for comment about her return home. As of today, no reply has been received.


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