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Karina Hansen – In Hostage Of The Danish Psychiatric System .

Karina Hansen is a 26-year-old Danish Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) patient.

Unfortunately, Karina’s story is no ordinary disabled persons story

Karina, with the help of her parents, was struggling with an unknown disease from the age of 16. She was eventually told she had ME, although no official diagnosis was given. But the treatment she was then given made her condition worse, thus requiring her mother to become her full time carer.

In Denmark, People with ME are deemed to be suffering with a ‘Functional Disorder’ which is psychiatric condition. Their health service treatment is GET (Graded Exercise Therapy) & CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) & antidepressants.

Treating ME patients with these treatments, due to the PENE (Post Exertional Neuro-immune Exhaustion) effect can often tip them into a severe ME state. This happened to Karina in 2008 when she was admitted to an arthritis hospital.

In 2010 Karina was again pressured into a hospital stay. By this time, she was suffering all the classic ME symptoms, plus light & noise sensitivities. During that hospital stay, a Dr. recorded that Karina was not depressed or had any psychotic tendencies, so there was no reason why she should be kept for psychiatric reasons, so should be allowed to go home. Two weeks later she was officially diagnosed with ME.

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