Know Your Disability Rights



By Paul Lewis in SAGA Magazine.


As we age, minor niggles with our health can become a serious – and costly – problem. However, there are state benefits to help. The rules are complex, but don’t be put off. You have paid taxes all your life for others and now is the time to take something back yourself. Here is a brief summary…

Personal Independence Payment

PIP is a relatively new benefit and is replacing the Disability Living Allowance (DLA). You cannot claim PIP after you reach 65, but if you are already on DLA it can continue.

With PIP you receive either £57.30 or £85.60 a week, depending on how severely your physical or mental disability affects you. It is paid on the basis of what you can and cannot do for yourself, such as washing, bathing, budgeting, making decisions and so on. The rules are set down in a series of what are called ‘descriptors’.

There is also a mobility component depending on how far you can walk or how capable you are at planning and executing journeys; it is £59.75 a week or £22.65 for those who are more mobile. The higher rate can be used to lease a car through the Motability Scheme.


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