Leeds Disabled Activist Campaigning Against Proposed Changes To Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic Pain


By Mark Lavery in the Yorkshire Evening Post.


A disabled activist  from Leeds who suffers from a  chronic pain condition is campaigning against major changes to the way patients like them are treated.

Saba Mir, 28, of Woodhouse – who is non-binary – has suffered from ME for two years and is in severe and constant pain for which they are prescribed opioid painkillers co-codamol by their GP.

Saba said NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, which governs how the NHS provides care and treatment in England and Wales, is proposing an overhaul of chronic pain treatment.

Saba said proposals put forward in the NICE Chronic Pain Guideline mean that people suffering from their condition and other chronic pain conditions in future will no longer be prescribed opioid painkillers along with around ten other medications.


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