Lighting The World Up In Blue For ME Awareness Day

Adelaide Oval 12 May 2016


By Bill Clayton in The Yorkshire Times.


Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), is a neurological illness that affects many people across the world.

Estimates are 250,000 in the UK and there are likely to be around 800 people in the York area, some 200 of them having severe ME, which means being house or bed bound. Many of those bed-bound can only feed through tubes, and have little hope of improvement.

This illness doesn’t care about age and so includes children as young as two years old, and spans all ages.

These could be the friends you haven’t seen for a while, your work colleagues, the guy who used to be there every week for football, or the neighbour you haven’t seen walk down the street for some time.

This is a real illness affecting real people in your community.


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