Lining Your Stomach With Milk Before A Big Night Out – And Other Alcohol Myths



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Drinking alcohol is fun – the after-effects, less so. It is little wonder, then, that people the world over have sought remedies to mitigate the dreaded hangover.

Here we put some of the better known myths to scientific scrutiny.

‘Lining’ your stomach

There is a widely held belief that a glass of milk before a heavy session can help to lessen the effects of alcohol by “lining your stomach”. Some Mediterranean countries prefer to line their stomach with a spoon of olive oil. But, biologically speaking, there is no such thing as “lining your stomach”. If there is any effect, it is through slowing your stomach emptying.

Around 20% of alcohol is absorbed in the stomach and the rest is absorbed in the intestine. So any food containing fat, protein or, to some extent, carbohydrate that delays your stomach emptying could have a very modest effect on slowing down the absorption of alcohol.


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