Living With An Unsociable Illness

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As I’m writing this post, I’m sat in bed, having to take time out to rest, whilst we have a family member staying with us for the weekend. Enjoying listening from afar to the lively chatter, yet not a part of it. Would I not rather be downstairs, chatting and laughing with everyone? Of course I would. However, living with ME/CFS, means that I’m also living with an unsociable illness. Not through choice of course, but due to the nature of the illness and it’s debilitating symptoms.

Before I launch in, I just want to say that I write posts such as these, not because I want any kind of sympathy, but simply to raise awareness. Plus to hopefully increase understanding of an illness that is often so poorly understood.

It seems crazy sometimes that being around people (and even very lovely people), can have such a big impact on my symptoms. I may seem “normal” to those who don’t know me really well, but on the inside I’m struggling. I can often smile, chat, laugh, and appear to be really quite sociable, but I can only manage this in small amounts.

And there is always a price to pay for these snippets of “normal.” A nice conversation with someone other than my close family (and on bad days even with them), will often need to be followed by a lie down.


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