Living With ME – Emelyne’s Transcript

Living with ME


From the #SpeakforME Blog.


My name is Emelyne and I #SpeakforME because so many people suffer in the dark behind closed doors. ME has no bias, it affects men, women, children, adults, young and old. It can change during your life, it can get really tough. It can get better and there can be hope, but it’s a daily challenge, and I speak for all those people that might be bed-bound, that might not be able to work, that might have really difficult lives, but we are all in this together.

Five years ago, when I was in my final year of university. It was the second term after the winter holidays, and I had two cold viruses, chest infection followed by a throat infection. It all happened very quickly. Within the space of almost one day to one week that I was fine and then I had a really strong flu, almost like a glandular fever, and I just crashed really quickly.

I noticed one day when I was walking onto campus, and I’m normally quite a fast walker, and suddenly people was streaming past me. I felt my legs becoming really heavy; my chest, my breathing becoming really heavy; and my whole body was just slowing down. That night, when I went back to my house, I went to bed and I had terrible pains in my legs, and the next morning I just couldn’t get up and walk. It was that instant that this virus and mixture of winter viruses just hit me and I was flood. It was like the rock being pulled from underneath my feet.


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