Living With ME: Lucy’s Story

From Helping Hands.

Lucy was a healthy and active teenager. A keen swimmer, member of a running club, hockey player and a volunteer for children with special educational needs, Lucy was preparing for a vibrant and exciting future.

In her final year of Sixth Form, Lucy contracted chicken pox. After a few weeks away from college, Lucy continued to pick up a number of colds and infections and exercising became more of a strain. After starting university in 2004, Lucy was diagnosed with asthma and began to suffer with extreme allergic reactions, which later resulted in another diagnosis of chronic spontaneous urticaria – a severe skin condition – and anaphylaxis. Despite her growing list of medication and increased number of hospital stays, Lucy was determined not to let it affect the life that she had loved so much.

A life in hospital

In 2008 and in her fourth and final year of her Primary Teaching degree, Lucy suffered a severe flare-up of her urticaria and spent the majority of her time in hospital – even completing a number of her assignments from her hospital bed. As a result, Lucy missed out on the final months of her university life and was unable to complete her final year’s teaching placement.

Lucy was too unwell to continue her teaching career, so when she graduated from university she began to work in IT and social media in York and she also moved into her own flat. Despite the ongoing battle she was having with her health, Lucy was determined to live an independent life.

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