Loneliness In Chronic Illness



By The Unchargeables.


It is a thing that is with you all the time and never leaves. This nagging thing, never leaving you alone. Sometimes it’s lurking in the shadows and sometimes it’s loud and right in your face.

But at all times it’s lonely.

It’s lonely when you get invited to an event and you can’t go. It is lonely when you hear about an event and realise you have not been invited, probably because you always say no. It’s lonely when people insinuate that you are lazy, or that you should be trying harder. It’s lonely when you have tried a hundred different things to feel better but none of them seem to work.

I personally have a group of loving and supporting friends and family They cheer me on, they try to understand me, they want to help me. But they can’t.

However hard they might try, this battle is just for me. A battle with my body, a battle with my mind. A battle with the world around me.

I am tired of being tired all the time. I have forgotten what feeling good feels like. I often want to give up, but somehow I keep facing every day. I keep trying to find ways to feel better. I keep trying to still lead a fulfilling life. I keep trying to be a good mom and give my daughter all she needs.


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