Losing My Young Adult Daughter To M.E.



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May 7th-13th is M.E Awareness Week 2018. Clare Norton is the mother of Merryn Crofts, who sadly passed away from terminal M.E at the age of 21. Today, Clare talks to us about Merryn’s Legacy, and her personal campaign to raise awareness of the condition.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Clare. Would you like to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your daughter Merryn?

I’m Clare and mum to Amy aged 24, Merryn who died aged 21 and Lara who died aged 8 days old.

Merryn was always a really loving and loveable child. She was a bundle of fun and mischief, stubborn, loyal caring and she loved her hugs no matter how old she was.

She was a beautiful soul who always thought of others and would do anything to help if she could. Even when she was so very ill she continued supporting other chronic illness sufferers online.

When she was told her condition was terminal her main thoughts were of her family and loved ones. She wrote us a letter to be opened after she died, it took her over a year to write as she could only type a few words at a time on her phone.

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