Lucy Wicks MP Reveals Mystery Illness Of High Mould Sensitivity



By Jordan Baker in The Sunday Telegraph.


Every time she went to see Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Federal Liberal MP Lucy Wicks thought it was nerves that left her feverish and stammering.

It took her a while to work out it wasn’t her, or even him — it was his office making her sick.

It wasn’t just the Prime Minister’s office either — it was other colleagues’ offices, too. Then there were shopping centres, school halls, even her own house.

And she wasn’t just a bit sick. A few minutes in the wrong room could send her to bed for hours, her skin burning and her joints aching.

Ms Wicks, 44, was suffering from sick building syndrome, a debilitating, chronic and controversial illness that stops the body processing biotoxins in substances such as mould, affecting everything from the respiratory system to memory function.

Her problem began when a massive tree crashed through her Central Coast home in April 2015, during a storm. The damage wasn’t fixed straight away and water seeped in. Soon after, she began feeling ill and extremely tired.

She thought it was stress. She had won the seat of Robertson off Labor in 2013 with a slim margin and also had two young children.

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