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This past month has seen M.E. receive mention on a number of radio shows, tv shows, and newspaper articles. Below are a few examples of M.E. coverage in the media:

On Friday 26 February, a Coronavirus special on BBC show, Horizon, featured Dr David Strain highlighting the fight for people with M.E. to get recognition, respect and research. Dr Strain said: “The hope is that, as we develop a treatment for Long Covid, it can then carry over and we can then start treating these people who have had M.E. or CFS for the last 20 years and have been left with what is a life-changing physical illness that they have struggled to get accepted as a disease in its own right.”


·        Action for M.E.’s Services and Communications Team Leader, Clare Ogden, appeared on the Neil Green show on BBC Radio Tees to discuss M.E. and the lack of recognition and support that is offered for the illness. You can listen to the full segment on BBC Sounds. The piece begins at 02:08:50 with Neil Green speaking to Bob, while Clare’s appearance comes at 02:13:25, running until 02:18:20.


·        CEO Sonya Chowdhury featured in a Guardian article on eligibility for Covid vaccine prioritisation. Author, Frances Ryan, wrote: “Sonya Chowdhury, the chief executive of Action for M.E., said she was shocked that the condition had been left out of category 6… Even mild viruses can cause flare-ups and relapses in people with ME, confining them to their bed for months or even years.” The Guardian also featured case studies from people with M.E. in another article on high-risk groups being missed off the vaccine priority list.

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