#May12BlogBomb For 2017





By Sally Burch.


May is awareness month for ME, CFS, Fibro and Lyme.  Over the past few years, I have encouraged bloggers to share their awareness raising blogposts using the hashtag #May12BlogBomb.

Hashtags like this work on both Facebook and Twitter, because they become hyperlinks to a list of all other posts publicly shared using the same hashtag.  (Indeed searching the #May12BlogBomb tag now should bring up some of the posts shared in previous years.)

So, if you are writing a blog during the month of May, please use the tag #May12BlogBomb where-ever you publicly mention your post on social media.  Perhaps also consider sharing your post a few additional times on May 12th itself using the same tag.
This way our “blogbomb” will get coverage throughout May but will also get concentrated coverage on one day: May 12th.
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