ME And My Friend



ME and My ‘Friend’

I want to Chat
And things like that
Like we used to do
It hurts to talk
It pains to walk
But I’ll get myself to you.

I’ll get there, it’s not that far
Travel by bus, too tough by car
Vibrations turn senses into mire
The slightest bump, the more I tire

Noise and sounds care not for bounds
Twist my senses and my blood
Turn brain cells into mud

So tired now my jaw grows numb
I slur my words, It’s so absurd
I sound like a drunken bum

Not there yet, a bit to go
Bus on time, but seems so slow
Traffic stops at another junction
More of my body
Ceases to function.

Came this way when we used to run
Used to chat, used to have fun
Another lifetime ago that was
We’d run for charity, we had clarity
And a noble, worthwhile cause.

Runs became less
Health was a mess
You did them on your own
You’d keep in touch, then not so much
A quick chat on the phone

At least today
You’ve said we’d meet
The coffee shop
Bottom of the street

Bus pulls in
Feeling grim
But got here all the same
Feel so weak, hard to speak
The journey’s been a drain.

You’re not there
The chair sits spare
No message left, feel bereft
It seems you didn’t care

Of friends I had you were the best
Through thick and thin you stood the test
But somewhere through this tougher time
Somewhere it seems you lost your spine
One more thing to see decline
I thought you were a friend of mine

I haven’t lost you, you’ve lost me
You are just too blind to see
I will be stronger, look back no longer
Through this, my fight with M.E

Life moves on now you’ve gone
I am stronger, not forlorn
We need real friends, not just pretends
To tell this beast, the war is on.

By Bill Clayton.


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