ME And The PACE Trial



By David F Marks.

Here I review the disastrous trial known as the ‘PACE trial’. This updates a post from several years ago.

Review of the evidence indicates that none of the Wessely School’s hypotheses about the causes of ME/CFS are supported by the science (see herehere and here). Under these circumstances it would be scientifically impossible for therapies tailored for ME/CFS based on these incorrect principles to actually work. Only if there is a ‘fix’ and evidence is craftily manipulated by scientific sleight-of-hand could the therapies be made to look effective.

Which is exactly what has happened.

ME/CFS patients have known the truth for donkey’s years. Only the perpetrators of the ‘CBT/GET Illusion’ have claimed otherwise.

I review here the PACE trial and present a few details of an exposure by Carolyn Wilshire, Tom Kindlon, Alem Matthees and Simon McGrath (2017), which reveal the true null effect.


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ME And The PACE Trial

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