ME Association Guidance: Coronavirus (covid-19) Update | 09 March 2020

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By Dr Charles Shepherd, Hon. Medical Adviser, ME Association.

The ME Association information and guidance about the coronavirus that was originally issued in early February and updated again last week, will continue being updated and issued on a weekly basis.

This is to take account of the rapidly changing situation here in the UK and the fact that while the situation in China appears to have stabilised, coronavirus infection has now spread to many other countries.

The UK Situation
There are currently (March 8th figure) nearly 300 confirmed cases here in the UK with two fatalities and it looks as though we will shortly have a full-scale epidemic of this infection.

The numbers are steady rising and will probably start to increase more significantly over the coming days/weeks – at which point government restrictions on what people can and cannot do will probably be brought in.

However, at the moment, the risk of someone with ME/CFS coming into contact with someone who has coronavirus is still extremely low.


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