ME/CFS: A New Explanation – And Cure ?


Dr Eriksen





In a recent paper, Dr. Willy Eriksen proposes a complete explanation for the development, diversity, and persistence of myalgic encephalomyelitis, aka chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). He also suggests a possible cure. Seeing that this potentially groundbreaking research was attracting little attention, I contacted Dr. Eriksen and interviewed him via email. This post contains a summary of his hypothesis, which I’ve tried to present in everyday language.

Other posts contain 1) the interview, which contains considerable new information about his hypothesis, and 2) my understanding of how Eriksen’s model fits with other research—and with my experience.

Eriksen’s holds an MD and PhD and is a research professor at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. So he presumably has the specialized knowledge to assess ME/CFS research and propose alternatives. (I’m an anthropologist, so I don’t.) While this is his first publication on this disease, his article cites 146 references, and he notes, “I have read, literally speaking, thousands of scientific abstracts, articles, and reports on ME/CFS.”


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