ME/CFS And Freeze: A Metabolic State Of Hibernation That Is Not In Your Head

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This post introduces the relationship between chronic fatigue syndrome aka ME/CFS and freeze and similar death-like states such as hibernation. You’ll learn how recently identified metabolic changes are regulated by the autonomic nervous system to cause symptoms. And why they are real and not psychological. You’ll also hear about the well supported science of polyvagal theory, the social nervous system and the dorsal vagal state that make sense of symptoms and why some of us with ME/CFS are more purely exhausted (or “tired”) while others feel more “wired AND tired.” A second post will explain more fully how some of us develop ME/CFS when others with exposures to similar environmental stressors or adversity do not. A third will discuss implications for treatment. I’ll be working on a pdf and kindle version and post them here as soon as they are available.

I’d love to hear how this lands for you and whether or not it fits or helps make sense of your symptoms.


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