ME/CFS Hits Nature News & A Call Out For An Urgent Advocacy Action !




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It is wonderful to see an article in Nature covering emerging science in ME/CFS and quoting top scientists who are working on the disease.

Not long ago in February, New Scientist featured a great piece and now Nature has published an excellent piece by Amy Maxemen, ‘Biological underpinnings of chronic fatigue syndrome begin to emerge’ with the sub-heading “Gut bacteria and altered metabolic pathways are suspects in mysterious disease.” Is the narrative on ME/CFS finally changing!? We think so!

The Nature article features Ron Davis and quotes Ian Lipkin, Zaher Nahle and Avindra Nath as well as points out recent work by Fluge and Mella’s team in Norway. Nature has a huge worldwide readership. It is worth reading the whole article, it’s not too long and gives a quick dusting on personal experience, the IOM report and NIH intramural work. Here are a few interesting excerpts:

“Physicians used to dismiss the disease as psychosomatic, but studies now suggest that it involves problems in the chemical reactions, or pathways, within cells. “We now have a great deal of evidence to support that this is not only real, but a complex set of disorders,” says Ian Lipkin, an epidemiologist at Columbia University in New York City. “We are gathering clues that will lead to controlled clinical trials.”


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