ME/CFS Research Roundup: Brief Highlights Of Biomedical Research To Date



By Rochelle Joslyn



People with ME/CFS score lower on measures of physical function and overall quality of life than most other chronic disease groups, including MS, cancer and stroke, and the experience of patients with severe ME/CFS is comparable to end stage HIV or heart failure (Nacul 2011Falik Hvidberg 2015).


Observed modifications in the status of cellular metabolism genes (deVega 2017Billing-Ross 2016) and analysis of metabolites and proteins in the blood have shown marked abnormalities in metabolic pathways (Germain 2017Naviaux 2016Armstrong 2012), demonstrating that basic energy production mechanisms are dysfunctional and, thus, ME/CFS patients exist in a persistent state of energetic conservation at the cellular level.

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