Metaphors And ME




Metaphors And ME

Explaining what ME is like
Is really pretty tough
We want to keep it simple
But it’s more than feeling rough

We could start the list of symptoms
But you’d find them a bit of a bore
So those of us in the ME club
Like a nifty metaphor

The reason being
People aren’t seeing
What it is that we go through
So it’s best to explain
In a different vein
To make it clear to you

To paint for you a picture
Something you can see
In your minds eye
That it’s not a lie
What it’s like to have ME

We suggest we’re running on empty
So people might understand
The pain and the strain
Of that energy drain
Up and down the land

We compare to a mobile battery
Always going flat
No matter the times
We try to recharge
I’m sure you’ll understand that

We talk of spoons to measure
Our energy limitations
Brain fog to explain away
Our forgetful aberrations

We remember the Millions Missing
By displaying empty shoes
Those missing their lives
Children, husbands and wives
Whoever this illness may choose

Like Snakes and Ladders I’ve heard it said
Up the ladder when we’re well
To be followed by a week in bed
As our bodies soon rebel

But maybe the one that stays with me
Is the quicksand metaphor
Although the others do hit home
To me this means much more

The more we fight, it fights right back
It sucks us in, knocks us out of whack
It takes so long to work this out
As fighting hard is what we’re all about
Thinking that we can push on through
Thinking with fight we can subdue

We take it on board for a little while
Get ourselves on an even plain
Think we’re in charge, giving it large
To be shot in the foot again

Metaphors have their place
As in many walks of life
We can find them useful to explain
To family, friends, husband, wife

There are so many that work with M.E.
But for politicians, only one I see
There is a standout metaphor
To describe the politicians
Who’ve let us down before

MPs up and down the land
Like Emu’s with their head in sand
Hoping that we will go away
But it takes more than just an apple a day

We need action, here and now
But that won’t happen unless they vow
Research funding pretty soon
Then all with ME will be over the moon !

By Bill Clayton

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