Mickel Therapy


Dr David Mickel devised Mickel therapy in 2004 specifically for M.E./ CFS and fibromyalgia. He had previously been collaborating with Dr John Eaton on Reverse therapy. Dr Eaton now promotes Reverse therapy, while Dr Mickel promotes Mickel therapy.

Mickel therapy is founded on the hypothesis that M.E./CFS and fibromyalgia are caused by a dysfunctional hypothalamus gland and that symptoms are caused by patients’ heightened sensitivity to emotional signals arising in their mid-brain.

Mickel therapy is a talking therapy. On his website, Dr Mickel says that “involves no medication, dietary change, supplements or psychotherapy of any sort… Treatment involves a series of one hour sessions during which you will learn why your symptoms are there and, crucially, how to work with them to regain your health.”

Sessions cost upwards of £80. Speaking on BBC Radio 4 programme You and yours in 2007, Dr Mickel said that an average course of treatments is eight sessions.

Visit www.mickeltherapy.com for further and full information.

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