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Migraine: isn’t that just a bad headache?

Migraine is a condition which affects people of any age, gender and ethnic group. Far more than ‘just a headache’, migraine affects the whole body and can result in many symptoms. Often people experience an intense throbbing headache which may affect one side of the head. Other symptoms can include nausea and/or vomiting, confusion, visual disturbances (such as flashing lights in front of the eyes, or blind spots), pins and needles, numbness, and an increased sensitivity to light, sound or smell. If a headache is accompanied by two or more of these associated symptoms, occurs episodically and affects the person’s ability to continue with normal daily activities, it is probably migraine.


Few people realise that 10% of schoolchildren also have migraine; however, as migraine in children often presents very differently, with many not experiencing a headache or this being mild and the main symptom instead being a bad stomach ache, this can mean that the condition goes unrecognised.


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