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As I hope you will know by now, Mike Harley is acting like a crazy man and running a marathon in each EU country in aid of Invest In ME Research.  That’s 28 in all, a truly mammoth and marvelous task.  In each country he meets up with local ME sufferers and learns a little about how they are supported.  He has posted the following article about his trip to Greece:

Greece ​I interviewed Lefteris, an ME patient for over 20 years who lives in Athens about what it’s like to have the illness in Greece.  Here’s a summary of what he told me….

  • As far as I know, there aren’t any ME charities or support groups in Greece -if any do exist, they must be very few. 
  • Unfortunately as a result, there aren’t any reliably registered figures in regards to how many people in the country suffer from ME.  If you were to apply a similar ratio to other European countries it could be suggested that as many as 50,000 of the 12 million population suffer with the illness.​
  • ​As far as the Government is concerned, it doesn’t have a clue about ME/CFS (and even if it did know, the economic crisis is deep and the possibility to devote funds to research is limited).



To read the rest of Mike’s story, click on the link below:


Link to Mike’s Marathons

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