Minimum Wage And Living Wage To Rise April 2017




From The Yorkshire Times.


The hourly rate for the minimum wage depends on your age and whether you’re an apprentice.

You must be at least:

school leaving age to get the National Minimum Wage
aged 25 to get the National Living Wage – the minimum wage will still apply for workers aged 24 and under

National Minimum Wage

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) is the minimum pay per hour most workers are entitled to by law. The rate will depend on a worker’s age and if they are an apprentice.

The National Living Wage

The Government’s National Living Wage was introduced on 1 April 2016 for all working people aged 25 and over, and is currently set at £7.20 per hour. In April 2017 it will go up to £7.50. The current National Minimum Wage for those under the age of 25 still applies.


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