Misdiagnosis Of M.E. & Missed Diagnoses Of Other Diseases



By Jo Best in The ME Chatroom.


There is a high rate of misdiagnosis of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and of doctors missing other medical conditions, either at onset or over the years of having the disease.
ME is a “serious and life-threatening disease” (FDA) in itself, but several symptoms overlap with other medical conditions, some common, some very rare, many treatable.
The right diagnosis could mean better treatment and save years of extra suffering.
Barriers to correct diagnosis and follow up include:
• No lab tests yet to confirm ME diagnosis, poor quality diagnostic guidelines for doctors in most countries, often only basic tests done to rule out other possible causes of symptoms.
• The focus on chronic fatigue when this is a symptom of thousands of other diseases.
• ME affects most bodily systems so several symptoms overlap with many other diseases which may be neurological, muscular, autoimmune, endocrine, metabolic etc.
• Once diagnosed with ME, new symptoms are often attributed to the illness or not taken seriously instead of being properly investigated.
• Disregarding of WHO classification of ME as neurological and treating ME as psychosomatic or biopsycho-social (physical symptoms caused by psychological, social or behavioural factors) dismissing outbreaks as cases of mass hysteria. Note: beware diagnosis of Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) as ‘functional’ here means ‘psychosomatic’ as they say they can’t find anything physically wrong.


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