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Sometimes we hear people say that the harm caused by graded exercise therapy must be because patients don’t follow instructions, perhaps they push themselves beyond the advice or the advice is passed on incorrectly. The personal story that Clark tells here is important because it illustrates that even carefully following the protocol from a NHS specialist does not lead to safe treatment.

The first time I knew for sure that something was wrong was after a swim. I was a regular swimmer, I was fit and in the prime of my life. I’d had a persistent sore throat for months but doctors couldn’t figure it out, so I just got on with it. A good swim always left me tired, but in a good way. This time, by the time I got to the changing rooms I knew something was very wrong. It was a body-broken tired.

The one other person in the changing room confirmed it wasn’t just me, asking if I was alright. I didn’t know, but I said I was okay, and half an hour later I had managed to get home. As soon as I got in I collapsed across the dining room chair, my torso on the seat, head lulling over the edge. I couldn’t move. I could barely breathe. My speech was slurred. My wife – we were only recently married – was going crazy with worry and I had to talk her out of calling an ambulance.


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