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A couple of weeks ago I had a cold/flu virus and I was really suffering.  My body ached, I couldn’t tolerate the feeling of anything touching my skin and I hardly ate or drank for days.  In short it was just a horrible experience undoubtedly made worse by having ME/CFS and I was miserable.  But in the days after getting over the virus I had a spell of 3 days of feeling really quite good.  It was as if my immune system had reset itself and I felt like I had energy again.  My pain and muscle stiffness eased and I felt free for the first time in ages, like a weight had been lifted off me.  So much so that my wife and I spent a short time snorkelling in a local bay.

I love to snorkel.  We discovered it on our honeymoon, it feels like I am flying – gliding over the seabed.  It requires not a huge amount of effort to get a lot out of it, I will happily just float in the water and watch the sunlight make patterns on the sand or the seaweed gently wave back and forth.  I find it so peaceful and relaxing.  Unfortunately I am back to my “normal” state of being sore, tired, dizzy and nauseous but small spell when I felt ok was so precious, such a boost and perhaps something that may happen again.


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