Molecular Underpinnings Of ME/CFS Explored At The Open Medicine Foundation Symposium



By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


“This is not a disease that can be solved by one person. It needs a community, and lots of expertise. I will work with anybody to do this.” Ron Davis

The Working Group was impressive. Davis had Bob Naviaux to his left and Maureen Hanson next to him and Nobel Prize winner Mario Capecchi to his right and Ron Tompkins next to him. Seated down the way (so that he could hear better) was Nobel Prize winner Paul Berg.

The Working Group sessions were designed to keep the participants talking. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were provided to keep the researchers communicating. Ample breaks and discussion periods were the theme of the day. It was all about communicating.

The few of us non-researchers in the room (Janet Dafoe, Mary Dimmick, Ashley Davis, Linda Tannenbaum and I) were seated so as not to disturb. During the Working Group sessions we were seated along the wall and we had our own table at dinner. The emphasis on getting the researchers talking with one another worked as they gabbed away during the numerous breaks. (Janet Dafoe said members of Ron Davis’ Stanford Group were buzzing with new ideas at their meeting the next week.)


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