Money Matters Advice For People Living With M.E.




From ME Support.


In addition to its physical and emotional effects, you may find that M.E. has an impact on your income and expenses. There are a number of services throughout the United Kingdom that can offer specialist advice on how to ease your financial worries. If you live outside the UK, please contact your national M.E. Organisations for guidance.

This resource consists of links and information about Finance and Welfare, along with other useful Services. I have also provided some tips on Dealing With the DWP and other parts of officialdom. I have over twenty years personal experience in these areas, so please do not hesitate to Contact Me privately.

The accuracy of any information given is not guaranteed; you should always make your own full enquiries before acting on such information. Where links are made to other websites or mention is made of other organisations, these are provided for information purposes only.


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