More Than Skin-Deep: The Small Nerve Fibre Problems in Fibromyalgia – A Review




By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


We don’t generally connect fibromyalgia with skin problems. The skin, though,  may present an important window into what’s going on in fibromyalgia.

We use the blood vessels and sweat glands in our skin to warm or cool us. Both blood flows and sweat glands are largely controlled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) – a system of concern in FM. The skin also tells the brain via its sensory nerves what are bodies local environment is like. Aberrant nerve transmission along these nerves could cause pain, numbness for other symptoms. The skin contains unmyelinated nerves that appear to be under attack in some people with FM.

From the autonomic nervous system to blood flows to sensory issues the skin is packed full of possibilities for understanding FM.

Nobody has yet attempted to use skin findings to solve a big problem in FM – how to diagnose it. FM, like ME/CFS, is diagnosed using symptoms.

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