Motability’s Tyre Policy ‘Risks Safety Of Customers’


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By John Pring in Disability News Service.


The Motability car scheme has been accused of risking the safety of its disabled customers, by refusing to replace their tyres until they are only just above the legal minimum tread depth.

Disabled campaigner Ian Jones, one of the founders of the WOW petition, said that the position of Motability Operations contradicts the advice of one of its partners, the motoring organisation RAC.

He had taken his Motability BMW – which is two years old – into a garage for its annual service and was told the tyres needed to be changed because the tread depth had dropped to just under 3mm.

He asked Motability to replace the tyres but was told its policy was not to do so until they reach a tread depth of 2mm.

But Jones then discovered that RAC warns on its website that safety drops sharply once tread depth falls below 3mm.

The tread is designed to remove water from the surface of the road and provide as much grip as possible, and the legal minimum depth is 1.6mm, but RAC states on its website that most tyre and safety experts recommend a minimum depth of 3mm.


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