MTHFR Mutation, Symptoms And Diet: What You Need To Know





By Joe in Diet vs Disease.


All humans have the same set of genes.

Our differences come from the tiny variations in those genes.

Those variations influence not only in how you look or behave different to others… But in how your body reacts differently to external factors.

Especially how it reacts to the foods you eat and lifestyle you live.

For example, some have great difficulty metabolising caffeine. For others, it could be alcohol.

Some have issues that increases their risk of Alzheimer’s disease, known as APOE4.

This is because we all have certain genetic variations or “defects” that can influence how we metabolise and use certain nutrients.

One of the more common and potentially dangerous variations is known as an MTHFR mutation.

This gene variation can impact how well your body metabolises folate and folic acid. Both are forms of vitamin B9, required for numerous critical bodily functions.

Unfortunately, a fault in this metabolic cycle is linked to many serious health problems.

This article describes the MTHFR mutation and explores what implications it may have for your health and diet.


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