My Disability Doesn’t Erase My Right to Privacy



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Privacy is something most people take for granted. It’s an assumed right, one that seems unassailable. A given. After all, most folks have no reason to doubt that they can use the bathroom without someone monitoring them, make their own life decisions without someone trying to influence their choices, and do something as simple as eat in a restaurant without someone filming them and posting it online. But, for a disabled child (or adult), these rights aren’t a given.

The fundamental liberty of human autonomy is often denied to those like me. Since so many of us are dependent upon family members or caregivers to assist us in our daily lives, our hold on independence is a tenuous one. It’s very easy for even the most well-meaning of people to adopt paternalistic attitudes towards disabled people. They think by virtue of their able-bodiedness, they somehow know what is best, and by assisting someone with a disability, they claim ownership of that person’s life — that person’s story.


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