My PIP Diary Part Four – The Stacked Deck

Mik Scarlet


By Mik Scarlet in The Huffington Post.


I called the first entry in my PIP diary The Saga Begins. I had no idea how prophetic that would be. What I expected to be a fairly straight forward enterprise has turned into a nightmare. Surely as someone with a fairly static impairment that will never improve, that was previously been awarded a life time award for Disability Living Allowance and who has huge piles of supporting evidence my transition from DLA to the new Personal Independence Payment, both created to help disabled people with the extra costs of day to day life, should have been an example of the system working at it’s best. I now know how the system has been designed to work against all claimants, and to break the will of those trying to legitimately claim a benefit society deems essential to their lives.


Previously I have told of the huge amount of work it takes to fill in the forms required to receive PIP, the reams of evidence collated and sent off, and how this evidence can be misunderstood by the medical assessors involved in vetting claims. All of this is nothing compared to the hoops to jump through to challenge a PIP award.


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