Nanoneedle Update: Finding What’s In The Blood

Ron Davis



By Janet Dafoe in Phoenix Rising.

There are a lot of various threads and tweets about this so I asked Ron to clarify where the research is at and what the plans are. As for everything else, this has gone a lot slower than it could have if he’d had more funding. The fact that he’s gotten this far i totally due to patients’ contributions to Open Medicine Foundation and to Stanford’s ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center.

From Ron:

As you know, we have found that there is something in patients’ plasma that is largely responsible for the signal that we see in the nanoneedle assay. We have some preliminary results using filtration that indicate that the major plasma component is fairly large, suggesting that it is not a cytokine.

We would like to identify what the component, or components, are that causes this signal, which could give us good insight into what’s happening with the patients.

To conduct these experiments, we will need to fractionate the plasma using a variety of techniques, such as size fractionation. To fractionate means to divide the plasma up into multiple components based on various parameters. For example, to fractionate by size means to separate the plasma into 10 to 100 different parts, increasing in size.

We then need to run all these fractions in the nanoneedle at the same time, using the same blood sample. This is important, because if we run them one or two at a time there could be differences that are due to the different runs, rather than differences in the sample itself.


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