Narrowed Small Blood Vessels Linked To Fatigue In ME/CFS



The Scheibenbogen Effect

With the studies pouring out, it’s getting hard to keep up with Carmen Scheibenbogen and friends in Germany. Scheibenbogen has co-authored no less than five papers on chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) in 2020. With Klaus Wirth coming on board, the autoantibody testing lab there, and Scheibenbogen and company in a publishing frenzy, Germany – out of which virtually nothing on ME/CFS came for decades – has now become quite a hub of research. The one constant in all of this appears be Scheibenbogen, who has co-authored 17 papers on ME/CFS since she appeared on the scene in 2014. Such is the impact one dynamic researcher can have.

The hunt seems to be circling mainly around two factors: autoimmunity and the blood vessels. This study tackles one of the most intriguing possibilities in ME/CFS – impaired circulation. ME/CFS has been thought of as an immune disease, a hormonal disease, and a metabolic disorder, and indeed it seems to have aspects of all of these, but what about ME/CFS as a cardiovascular disorder? What quicker way to impair energy than to inhibit the flow of oxygen-rich blood through the small blood vessels?


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