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We are pleased and proud to announce that our two research fellows, Sydney A. Brumfield and Paula S. Lara Mejia, have written and released their first professional science articles about myalgic encephalomyelitis in conjunction with their mentor Michael B. VanElzakker.  The article, Neuroinflammation and Cytokines in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS): A Critical Review of Research Methods, was published in Frontiers on January 10.

VanElzakker, Brumfield and Mejia’s article is a critical review of cytokine and neuroinflammation literature in ME research.  The article’s main premise is that neuroimaging has not always been employed appropriately in order to spot issues within the brainstem where, they feel, abnormalities are most likely to be found.

We argue that the vast majority of ME/CFS neuroimaging has failed to use optimal techniques for studying the brainstem, despite its probable centrality to any neuroinflammatory causes or autonomic effects.

They also argue that, due to several different factors, it is unlikely that a true “cytokine profile” will ever be discovered in people with ME — or in any other group of individuals.


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