New Method Improves Delivery Of Healthy Mitochondria To Cells Where It Is Dysfunctional, Study Shows



BY Patricia Inacio, PHD in Mitochondrial Disease News.


South Korean researchers have developed a simple way to deliver healthy mitochondria to cells where it is dysfunctional, rescuing the cells’ energy levels and metabolic function.

The study, “Delivery of exogenous mitochondria via centrifugation enhances cellular metabolic function,” was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Defects in mitochondria, the small organelles that are the cell’s powerhouses, contribute to several health problems, including aging, cancer, metabolic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

Scientists have developed therapies aimed at rescuing mitochondria’s function. But they are limited to cases where a gene mutation underlies the defects.

Researchers have begun exploring a new strategy — replacing damaged mitochondria with healthy ones.

But a problem scientists have faced is that “mitochondrial transfer methods are inefficient and time-consuming,” the South Korean researchers wrote.


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