NICE Draft Guidelines On ME Published



After a very long wait, too long, NICE have publised their draft guidlines on the treatment of ME.

It seems that at long last, and after huge pressre by the ME Community, Graded Exercise Therapy has been removed as a recommended treatment for ME.  It shouldn’t have taken this long, and too many individuals of all ages have been forced to endure exercise that has made their condition worse.  Many who had medium symptoms suffered so badly that they became bedbound.

ME involves damage to the body’s energy production system through the Mitochondria, and so any exertion either physical or mental, has to be within the patient’s carefully managed ‘allowance’ on any given day, and what someone is able to do each day varies considerably.

Doctors, please listen to your patients as they know their bodies, and many have lived with and studied this illness for years.  Your two hour lecture at medical school doesn’t compare.

Hopefully this is the end of this ‘treatment’ being used on those with ME, and please don’t think it’s suitable for those with Long-Covid either.




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