NICE Refuse To Take Down Harmful Treatments 25,000 Children Harmed ?

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By Tina Rodwell.


I had my reply from NICE.

For some reason David Hahalam did not want to talk to me. Well I am not important, am I? After all I am just one of the 25,000 parents that would like ME taken seriously to protect the children from harm. A good solid diagnosis for a seriously abused illness, it would seem is too much to ask for. For them to understand, it is their responsibility to stop the emotional blackmail that goes on with CBT under their guidelines. Head against establishment wall I am afraid.
Perhaps they should note that CBT was no good in education and it would appear that in depression it is only a placebo effect, as explained by Oliver Burkeman in the guardian. So for a physical immune response, they are offering a Placebo treatment?
So here is their resonance and my thoughts in red. Please do add your comments in the comments box below.


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