Noise And ME



My ME sensory radar

Has really taken hold

It’s caused my life to change,

In a way that’s strange

And not just because I’m old !


Noise and sounds now cripple me

In ways some won’t believe

The click of a door

Can get right to my core

In a way you couldn’t conceive


Noise isn’t just uncomfortable

Noise now causes me pain

It always tends, to hit nerve ends

Affecting my arms, my legs, my brain


Whether out, or sat at home

It seems it’s always in my face

What used to be just background blur

Hits me like a jet of mace


There seems to be nowhere to hide

From the constant din

Even when I’m sat inside

It seems I just can’t win


TV show participation

Has gripped our somewhat noisy nation

Squealing and screaming, no consideration

Every step change, a yelling ovation.


When did the world get so loud

Or am I the odd one in the crowd

When did life get so demanding

Telling us to always ‘be upstanding’

Screaming at you to ‘make some noise’

Leaving you with little choice.


Now I always feel on edge

Not too far from the ledge

It can even be a voice’s tone

Its pitch hitting me like a stone

The sound like blackboard scraping nails

Attacking nerve ends, never fails


Keeping earplugs near to hand

To try to shut out this deafening land

Everything dialled up to eleven

I need a max around a seven

I need to firmly soundproof my life

To save me from this sensory strife


We need a solution

To this noise pollution

Where thinking of others is key

There are so many others

Our invisible brothers

Not just those with ME


So to all out there I plead with you

Please just think what we go through

Can we all just please relax

Stop the constant eardrum attacks


Can we adopt a quieter mode

Let’s stop all the shouting

Let’s fix this sensorial overload

All this verbal ‘louting’


As Lennon might once have written

If he too was sensory smitten

Let’s be more caring

In this world that we’re sharing

Just think a little in advance

Let’s give peace and quiet a chance.


By Bill Clayton

© 2020

The York ME Community © 2015
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