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From Open Medicine Foundation.


As part of #MayMomentum, Open Medicine Foundation is thrilled to announce a new clinical trial that builds on OMF-funded research and shows the interconnected strategies of the four OMF-Established ME / CFS Collaborative Research Centers.

We hope that you will agree that this thoughtful research strategy deserves your support and that today is the day that you decide to contribute to #May Momentum!

OMF is funding a clinical trial, supervised by Jonas Bergquist, MD, PhD, and Director of the ME / CFS Collaborative Research Center, Uppsala, to understand potential disturbances in the tryptophan metabolism and to test the benefits of treating people with ME / CFS with Kynurenine.

We have asked our esteemed colleague, Dr. Robert Phair, to provide an introduction and overview.

With funding by OMF, Dr. Phair did extensive research on results from the OMF-funded Severely Ill Patient Study and then published a paper in the summer of 2019. His article detailed the “metabolic trap” hypothesis. This theory includes an examination of the role of the essential amino acid, tryptophan, as a critical regulator of the production of kynurenine.


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