OMF Symposium To Provide First Look At Metabolomic / Immune Results In ME/CFS


Ron Davis


By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


The Real Action – The Working Group

The Open Medicine Foundation’s “Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS” is coming up next week. The Symposium follows a two-day workshop – an ME/CFS research jam session that dozens of researchers and MD’s will participate in.

Davis has noticed that waiting for data to be validated in journal publications isn’t exactly a pathway to quick results. Far better, he thinks, to give new data – recognizing that it’s not been completely validated – the chance to inform and strengthen other researchers’ work. (Suzanne Vernon did something similar with her Cold Spring Harbor meetings). The working session actually was planned before the Community Symposium; it’s part of Davis’ vision of a collaborative team of researchers working together to solve ME/CFS.

Drs. Bateman and Bell will provide clinical expertise to PhD’s from a variety of fields. Some research names will be familiar (Naviaux, Younger, Hanson, Light, McGregor) but many others (Tompkins, Olivera, Xiao, Berg, Esfandyarpour, etc.) are experts from other fields whom Davis has enrolled in his fight to beat ME/CFS. Two Nobel Laureates (Paul Berg, Mario Capecchi) are attending, as well as several department heads/directors (Ron Tompkins, Michael Synder) and one person from industry (Integrative Bioinformatics). Stanford and Davis’ Genome lab is widely represented.

That’s a lot of brain power to assess the most recent findings in ME/CFS, suggest new directions, and produce new insights into ME/CFS.


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