One Thousand Days In Bed — Living With Severe ME



By Ellie Rw in Medium.


One thousand days in bed. It sounds like a title of a children’s storybook, something with connotations of cosiness and contentment and sleepy smiles, maybe even a fairytale. But for me? Well, it’s my reality, and I have to admit it feels a thousand miles away from any fairytale I’ve ever read. Maybe it would be more appropriate to call this ‘One Thousand Stolen Days’ — that feels a little closer to the truth.

I’m a 19 year old girl living in the South West of England, I live at home with my family, I have a cat who sleeps in my bed and a dog who’s only interested in my food, I have incredible friends who make me laugh and I cry at videos of dogs on the internet far too regularly. From that simplistic description I sound much like most 19 year olds, and in a lot respects I am, but there’s one big aspect of my life that differentiates me from my peers — I am confined to my bed, and have spent one thousand consecutive days lying here in it.

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