Open Letter: Being A Carer For My Wife With ME

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Martin met his wife over a decade ago, he’s watched as ME attacks the person he loves. His knowledge of ME has grown over the years and he’s now Lex’s husband and carer. Read his open letter below.

By Martin Bates.

Hi all,

I met Lex 11 years ago when she was mild to moderately affected, in a place of reasonable balance of working part-time, socialising and resting. I had next-to-no knowledge of ME/CFS and to be perfectly honest I probably had a typically ignorant view if someone had held a gun to my head and asked me about it.

Lex knew a lot more than me, having been diagnosed 12 years prior at the age of 15, but in hindsight she lacked understanding of the wider, or more detailed picture.

Her knowledge has expanded considerably during our years together, both due to her health deteriorating and her desire for me to be better informed so that I could support her. We did this through research and reading. A lot of reading.

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