Opinion: Teaching Unions’ Stance On Education Plans For Students With Disabilities Sets A Worrying Precedent


By Adam Harris in thejournal.ie.


As schools open up across Ireland this week, it is business as usual for most students.

They will be taught by the same teacher, in the same way, with the same curriculum and supports that were always in place. Indeed, after a day or two, it will probably feel like the Christmas break never happened and routine will reign once more.

While the idea of returning to school probably sends shivers down many students’ backs, only a minority are facing a new reality.

As bells signal the start of the school day this week, they will ring in a harsh, unsupportive reality for second level students with disabilities for the first time.

Just as people were winding down for Christmas and most of us weren’t paying as much attention to ‘needs’ as we focused on our festive ‘wants’, Ireland’s largest second-level teacher union cried ‘bah humbug’.

Individual Plans

On the 19th December, the Association of Secondary School Teachers in Ireland issued advice to its members informing them that they should no longer participate in formulating or implementing Individual Education Plans or Student Support Files as they are not legally required.


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